Our diamonds

The finest colour for a diamond is no colour at all. A colourless diamond acts as a prism that can split light into rainbow colours. (Like a prism, a diamond refracts white light into its full spectrum of colours.) Although most diamonds are colourless, yellow or brownish ones are also found; some are also called champagne coloured. 

Diamonds are also available in other colours such as green, red, blue and pink – these are often called fancy colour diamonds. A diamond’s quality is determined by the four Cs – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. The standard quality in Engelbert jewellery is Top Wesselton (rare white), vs (very small inclusions) with a very good cut. We also use coloured diamonds in the following colours: black, coffee, cherry, cognac, purple, yellow, forest green and sky blue.

“We use the coloured diamonds in our Confetti series, which allows us to create personalized jewellery with many possibilities for variation.”

The coloured diamonds are colour-enhanced and may be sensitive to heat. They must be submitted to us at Engelbert if resizing is required.

All diamonds are traded in accordance with the Kimberley Process to ensure that only conflict-free diamonds are used.