‘Modern Classic’

SOLITAIRE, MODERN CLASSIC, model 5822, with diamonds on the shank.

A solitaire diamond, perfectly set in a gold shank is the base for any classic solitaire engagement ring. The shape of the shank, details in the setting and its proportions is what makes it special and a true Engelbert ring – the perfect balance between classic and modern. 

Our collection of engagement rings are made in Stockholm. Each stone is set and hand picked by us for its high quality and sparkle, using only rare white diamonds, VS quality, all certified over 0.50 cts by GIA or HRD.

Modern Classic is one of our bestsellers and has a rounded shank with a brilliant cut diamond set i 6 claws. The shank is 1,6-2,2 mm width and 2 mm high. This model comes with diamonds on the shank.

Modern Classic with sidestones comes from 0.17 cts.

Art. no. 5822-28 for 0.17 ct. Total carat weight 0.28 cts. (1,6 mm width)

Art. n0. 5822-39 for 0.25 ct.  Total carat weight 0.39 cts. (1,8 mm width)

Art. no. 5822-50 for 0.36 ct. Total carat weight 0.50 cts. ( 1,8 mm width)

Art. no.. 5822-68 for 0.50 ct. Total carat weight 0.68 cts. (2 mm width)

Art. no.. 5822-93 for 0.75 ct.  Total carat weight 0.93 cts. (2 mm width)

Art. no. 5822-124 for 1 ct.  Total carat weight 1.24 cts. ( 2,2 mm width)

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